Sweet Zenzation (formerly Sweet Zkittlez) Feminised Seeds - 3+1 FREE SEED

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3 Sementes


Sweet Zkittlez® is the result of crossing an elite clone selected of Zkittlez with a clone selected from Grape Ape, one of the genetics involved in the development of the original Zkittlez.

It is a hybrid genetics with indica dominance. It produces abundant flowers covered with lots of resin. Relaxing and anti-stress effect but which, in turn, produces a stimulating effect of imagination and conversation, more typical of sativa varieties.

Flowers very rich in terpenes, of exquisite aroma and sweet flavour, with notes of fruit sweets, a background of noble woods, and citrus brushstrokes of lemon, cypress, and a subtle sensation of aromatic peppers.

Informação Adicional

breeder Sweet Seeds
Pack Size 3 Sementes
genetics Zkittlez x Grape Ape
flowering_time 63 days
Tipo de Floração Photoperiod
thc_content 16 - 23%
Rendimento Alto
Sexo Feminizada
Variedade Mostly Indica
Teor CBD Baixo (0-1%)