Purple Urkle Feminised Seeds - 3+1 FREE SEED

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3 Sementes


FREE SEEDS 3+1, 5+2

Purple Urkle is a Californian variety, indica-dominant and with a characteristic purple colour. It is sweet-tasting, reminiscent of tropical fruits and ripe grapes, and has a fruity aroma of Skunk. Its intense indica effect relaxes the body and mind, helping to effectively combat insomnia, anxiety and muscle pain, and improves the mood, which makes this herb a good antidepressant. It is advisable to moderate the dose to novice smokers since its high THC content can leave you prostrate on the couch in just a couple of puffs, so it is preferable to reserve it for the night.

Informação Adicional

breeder Pyramid Seeds
Pack Size 3 Sementes
genetics Menocino Purple phenotype
flowering_time 55 - 60 days
Tipo de Floração Photoperiod
thc_content 20%
Rendimento Médio, Alto
Sexo Feminizada
Variedade Mostly Indica
Teor CBD Baixo (0-1%)