Gorilla Girl XL Auto Feminised Seeds - 3+1 FREE SEED

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3 Sementes


Gorilla Girl XL Auto is a 6th. generation, sativa-dominant cross of Gorilla Girl ® x Sweet Gelato Auto ®.

Powerful and exciting effect, with very high THC levels that can reach up to 25% . Some individuals may even exceed these levels. Aroma and intense flavour, sweet and fruity, with shades of blue cypress, wood, and citrus and earthy brushstrokes.

It produces buds heavily loaded with resin, with long trichomes and large-sized flower calyxes. The resin production of this variety is lush, completely covering the calyxes of the flowers with aromatic trichomes.

Informação Adicional

breeder Sweet Seeds
Pack Size 3 Sementes
genetics Gorilla Girl x Sweet Gelato Auto
flowering_time 9 weeks from seed
Tipo de Floração Autoflowering
thc_content 18 - 25%+
Rendimento Médio, Alto
plant_height 60 - 120 cm.
Sexo Feminizada
Variedade Mostly Sativa
Teor CBD Baixo (0-1%)